About Money Markets Academy

Money Markets Academy Divison of learn2trade was founded by a group of Professionals who has more than decades experience in the financial markets .Its vision is to service individual and corporate investors such as money managers, corporates, and financial institutions in easing the complexity in dealing with Stock Market ,Bullion, Base Metals,Commodities and Currency trading.We also provide Foreign Currency Trading consulting and market analysis for individual and institutional clients.We take pride in our professional staff that is thoroughly trained to look after the best interests of our clients.

 We provide the absolute best and most comprehensive Trading courses/Workshops  on stocks, options, futures, Commodities and forex, as well as live, hands-on trading labs. Our course seminars are taught by  well-known professional traders and instructors, live on-site, at locations around the world.

We also provide exceptional, live, online interactive courses; premier self-paced home study courses; and excellent educational DVDs. Special Money Markets Academy daily trading ideas and real-time daily, weekly and monthly services are also provided.

Only Money Markets Academy provides its students with free, ongoing live coaching for those who completed the Advance course!

We know that the only way to succeed is through a repetition of proven concepts until our students know them second-hand. We’ve found that live ongoing coaching – after the course – greatly increases our student’s success.

Today, a great number of our graduates are very successful, professional traders and investors… many generate an excellent daily income just trading part-time from their home or office!

Our Money Markets Academy trained traders successfully apply the MoneyMarkets Academy Method of Trading every day to all three time frames:

  • Intra-Day Trading for Daily Income
  • Swing Trading (2-5 day holding period)
  • Long Term Investment Based Trading (Holding period greater than 15 days)

To start your educational journey, we highly recommend attending our free, live interactive Money Markets Academy Webinars. These live interactive webinars are presented free several times a week, and can provide you with many important trading tips and techniques. You may attend these free interactive webinars as often as you wish, and you may ask as many questions as you want – or just watch, listen and learn.

If you are new to Money Markets Academy, we also highly recommend that you sign-up to our no obligation,


Aspiring for holistic Academic Excellence and to be a Global centre to Develop budding Professionals ready for Industry


Developing Professionals to cater the needs of Global Economy by inculcating them with the Domains of customized and Standardized quality knowledge and Industry oriented valuable skills following the philosophy of Industry Integration and to create smarter, better informed, successful traders and investors by creating and providing the highest quality trading education available anywhere in the world. By teaching the growing community of self-directed individuals The Money Markets Academy Method of trading, we help empower and enlighten the individual and teach not only what to do in the markets, but when to do it, where to do it, and most importantly why it should be done. The mission of Money Markets Academy Education Department is to help turn the ever growing ranks of unsatisfied individual investors into self-empowered Master Traders/Investors.

  1. a) Money Markets Academy role is to provide sufficient information to help people make wise decisions about their own financial needs.
  2. b) To make effective financial literacy available for everyone.
  3. c) To provide an interactive learning environment that gives participants ownership in charting their learning roadmap that is most effective in fulfilling dreams of an individual.