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Stock Market Training Institute/Academy(india)

Welcome to Money Markets Academy(Bangalore) In our Stock Market Training academy that’s MoneyMarkets Academy in Bangalore India we teach our students all the practical skills required to be a constant winner and make money consistently from Indian Stock market.We have noticed that most of the retail traders who start trading without any proper knowledge about markets tend to losemost of their money within a short span of time. On the other hand a trader with proper Stock Market Training has a much higherwinning ratio. National stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange are places where retail clients, institutional brokers, banks,stockbrokers buy and sell securities . Stock market in India has gone through a major change in the last decade and is evergrowing since then. A prospect for the stock market trading and stock market training is great business model for those who are stock market trained and also has proper stock market trading tools/software.

We coach our students on demo trading accounts till the time they are able to make consistant profits from the markets, and once they are consistently making profits and confident enough they can go ahead with live trading accounts with real money, we also do a proper hand holding ensuring the transition is a smoother one. Our diversified stock market courses covers almost all the aspects of financial Markets like Stock Market Courses,Equity Market Courses, Future and Options Courses, Commodity Courses , Technical Analysis Courses, Fundamental Analysis Course, Financial Literacy Course, Mutual Fund,Mortgages and Forex Market Courses, Chartered Market Technichian(CMT),Series3,NCFM,NISM. We also conduct classes for the following advance and premium topics which we don’t think any of ourcompetitor does namely Pair Trading, Statistical Arbitrage ,Quantitative trading, Delta neutral trading, non directionaltrading, Gamma scalping ,Advance option strategies ,High Probability Trading, Commodity trading, Forex, strategies ,Delta Neutral Trading/Hedging and Martingale Strategies. We also provide WEBINARS.