Professional Traders Program

Its is an advanced level course for traders who are at least trading for more than a year and much versed with the concept of trading. In this course we try to teach how to create and backtest profitable trading system, and also how to optimize when things go against.  We also teach  our own

Proprietary trading system to  our client which is already backtested and optimized so that the clients can use those systems to trade profitably.

Who should attend:

People who are well versed with all the concepts of technical analysis but fail to use them in realtime,most of the time they come across false signals.With all the efforts still not getting the kind of consistency that one would like to achive.

Topics Covered

  • Behavioural finance
  • 3 biggest trading mistake
  • Dos and donts of stock market
  • Money management
  • What is hedging.
  • How to manage your own personal hedge fund.
  • How to insure portfolio
  • How to create rental income from stock market.
  • Understanding multi timeframe trading
  • Designing backtesting and optimizing proprietary Trading Systems
  • Undrstanding price action trading.
  • Following price action trading live.